Machine Tool Calibration

API offers machine tool alignment, certification, calibration and certain repairs for machine shops and manufacturers. We provide our customers with confidence, knowing your machines are performing accurately and efficiently, which means good parts. For nine years, our expert services team has calibrated hundreds of machine tools for customers around the world. The industries and applications are varied with differing environments, accuracy requirements, space limitations and time constraints. Many customers have their machines calibrated ever six months to one year, or after maintenance.

API are not only experts in standard “laser alignment,” so common throughout the industry. We manufacturer our own laser equipment, so we know it works. We also provide volumetric compensations that ensure the best achievable accuracy throughout the machines entire workspace. Our personnel not only have the laser alignment and calibration proficiency, we are also experts with the machine controllers. API are solution partners for Siemens, Fanuc, Fagor and others. This small investment can keep machines in service long beyond their expected lifecycle, providing substantial returns and the trust of your customer. API offers the most economical and efficient laser alignment solutions available.

Reasons to Error Map and Calibrate Your Machine

• Reduce scrap, improve machine accuracy and keep your machine tool in specification

• With a machine tool calibration from API, the machine will meet the intent of ASME B5.54

• Reduce hours to mechanically align a machine. After an alignment or crash, the machine should always be calibrated

• Required if you plan to measure a product on a machine

• End customer requirement

• Make full use of your Control’s capabilities. Often, we find many machines with empty compensation tables. Machine owners should utilize their Controller’s capabilities to increase machine accuracy and prevent unnecessary wear

• Regular calibrations will help to recognize abnormal wear and tear so problems can be addressed and managed

• Calibrate the kinematic parameters of the Tool Center Point (TCP) to enhance your machine

• Accurate machines save money

• Calibrations allow usage of the entire working volume of the machine, not just a “sweet spot” that you know is accurate within the volume

• Increased capability, accurate machines allow you to take on more precise work that you may not have handled before a calibration

We help ensure that the process occurs as estimated by helping you make sure your machines will perform correctly and efficiently.

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