API Latin America Supporting Education

API Latin America believes that today’s students, are tomorrow’s engineers. This is why we invest  by holding seminars and lectures to teach future engineers about the available technologies and applications of Metrology.

Seminar_1Metrology is an area of extreme importance for industial applications. Through a variety of techniques countless businesses, companies, and industries can ensure standardization and accuracy of parts, processes, and products. In 2015 API began a project to deliver educational seminars at various colleges to teach the importance of Metrology. From May 2015 until May 2016, API administered lectures in the following colleges: UNIP at S ão J osé dos C ampos – S P, IFS P at São Paulo – SP, UNIMAR at Marília – SP and UFSC at Joinville – SC

Seminar_2These lectures were customized for each class, making sure students at all stages of their courses were able to fully understand the content. The seminars covered a brief introduction of three-dimensional measurement, dimensional control, and how API’s equipment and services aid in all manner of industrial processes. Demonstrating the Omnitrac 2 Laser Tracker features, advantages, and applications in industry; we also showcase how a laser tracker works in practice. In addition to the lectures we performed an alignment simulation of marine structures for the research project idealized by Professor in Engineering Maurício de Campos Porath and his students at UFSC.

Seminar_3After the seminar and measurement at UFSC in Joinville – SC, Prof. Dr. Mauricio Porath, vice director at Joinville UFSC, has granted a brief interview with API. Dr. Porath is a professor of Metrology and conducts classes for graduate and postgraduate engineering who has known API for about 9 years. The advantages of API products are the availability of technical assistance throughout Brazil, the constant technological innovation, the compact design and portability. He had said that “all the students and teachers at UFSC were very satisfied with the lecture given by Carlos Lebre” – API’s technical manager of Latin America and by the demonstration he gave in the metrology laboratory of UFSC.

By December of 2016, we’d like to give one seminar per month. If you are a studying engineering at any level (technical, higher, or post level), please contact us. We can schedule a seminar in your college today.