API Pairs up with UNC Charlotte for a Tech Day

On June 15th, API is partnering with UNC Charlotte to host a hands-on training and demo day.

We’ll be showing attendees around the building, showcasing the inner workings of the metrology industry, providing demos of laser trackers, machine tool health, answering questions, and giving you a hands on look at the equipment involved.

June 15th
UNC Charlotte
EPIC building, Room EPIC 1249
8700 Phillips Rd
Charlotte, NC 28223

10:00 am – 3:00pm


10:00 am Welcoming / Greeting
10:15 am CPM Presentation by Chris Evans
10:45 am Tour of the Metrology Building
11:15 pm Laser Tracker Technologies by Automated Precision
12:00 – 1:00 pm Network Lunch
1:00 pm Machine Tool Health by Automated Precision
2:00 pm Hands-on Equipment Demo break-out
3:00 pm 2nd Tour of the Metrology Building


If you’re interested in joining us contact:

Jeremy Clements
South East Regional Manager

Or register online