Metrology Equipment Rental

Metrology Equipment Rental

Laser tracker and metrology equipment rental can be very important to your business. API understands that choosing the right metrology equipment can help you save time and money. When it comes to laser tracker and metrology equipment rental, we are proud to provide award-winning, highly-accurate products. We offer laser trackers, 3D scanners, and machine tool calibration equipment for rent. API has the appropriate instrument for any measurement task and strive to make your metrology equipment or laser tracker rental simple.

Laser Trackers & Accessories

API has several additional measurements and metrology instruments available for rent. So whether you are looking to rent a laser tracker or you need something else, contact us today to discuss your measurement needs. We will recommend the system that provides your company with the best metrology solution! Machine tool calibration rentals are also available.

3D Laser Trackers

laser tracker rental

Non-Contact Scanning

non-contact 3d scanning

Laser Tracker Accessories

3d printing

Handheld Systems

handheld scanning systems

Machine Tool Alignment

machine tool alignment

Machine Tool Calibration

machine tool calibration


3d printing


machine tool software

Rental Benefits

API is dedicated to providing your company metrology solutions to the challenges encountered within your industry. We’ll ensure you have all the equipment that’s needed for your metrology project. Our certified professionals have completed numerous complex metrology projects and can assist you with this process.

Turnkey laser tracker rentals comes with the following:

  • Stand- full size 41-57 inches (adjustable) or short size 28-37 inches (adjustable)
  • Computer
  • Software (You may choose Spatial Analyzer, Verisurf or Metrologic)
  • Tool kit
  • Free support line

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