Robot Calibration

Our Robot Calibration Services

As a technology leader API Services offers the most advanced metrology services that keep up with any industry’s latest technology, including robot calibration. Industrial robots allow any manufacturing process a decrease in downtime, production efficiency and less manpower behind repetitive tasks. API Services provides robot calibration for any industrial robot to solve your manufacturing needs. By using laser trackers, robot calibration will minimize occurring inaccuracies and provide ease in knowing that your equipment is accurately displaying and producing precise measurements and repeatability in manufacturing tasks.Learn more about API’s Active Target and how it can save time when calibrating robots.

More on Robot calibration

Calibrating a robot involves the process of determining the actual values of kinematic parameters of the robot, which is the relative orientation and position of the links and joints.You can achieve a higher absolute positioning accuracy when calibrating a robot with a laser tracker and active target, which translates to a more accurate real position of the robot that corresponds more exactly to the position calculated from the analysis of the robot software. This will certainly help when programming the robot to perform precision applications using a single or multiple tools.

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