Jig & Fixture

Laser trackers have been used for the construction and inspection of manufacturing tools for over 25 years. During that time laser trackers have become the premier tool for these tasks replacing older, more cumbersome optical technologies such as theodolites and photogrammetry. API’s laser trackers are used for a range of jobs that require the precise alignment of critical features such as holes, edges, and pins.

API’s laser tracking systems not only give better results than optical solutions, they are easier to set up and operate. Where optical tools may require a team of highly experienced operators to achieve the best possible results, a laser tracker can acquire repeatable, precise measurements in a fraction of the time with a single operator.

API tracking systems are light, portable, can be easily used by just a single operator, and the best tool available for building and maintaining your jigs and fixtures.

Jigs and Fixtures are commonly used in:

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