Keeping old planes in the air with Laser Scanning by Ed Sinkora


Reverse engineering tricks with lasers allow designers to resurrect old aircraft designs quickly and efficiently Your father’s Oldsmobile may be long gone but his B-52 is still pulling missions, and they haven’t built the “BUFF” (Big Ugly Fat Fellow) since 1962. The last KC-135 tanker was built in 1965. Besides aging warbirds (the average plane


Electroimpact uses API Radian and OT2 laser trackers, paired with Active Targets


Electroimpact is a world leader in the design and development of automated aircraft assembly equipment, and provides highly accurate solutions for aerospace manufacturing ranging from robotic drilling and fastening to automated composite placement systems. The level of accuracy provided to Electroimpact customers, who count on building large parts with tight tolerances, can only be achieved


API Adds Brunson’s KinAiry System to Laser Tracker Certification Arsenal

Brunson KinAiry

Newport News, VA – 25 May 2017 Automated Precision- Services Division is proud to announce the addition of the Brunson KinAiry system to our laser tracker certification arsenal. The KinAiry field testing solution allows us to conduct a test of the tracker’s performance in under half an hour. The included software records all measurements, and


API Pairs up with UNC Charlotte for a Tech Day


On June 15th, API is partnering with UNC Charlotte to host a hands-on training and demo day. We’ll be showing attendees around the building, showcasing the inner workings of the metrology industry, providing demos of laser trackers, machine tool health, answering questions, and giving you a hands on look at the equipment involved. June 15th


10 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Metrology Services Provider


Customers need to be careful when hiring services from metrology services providers. There are many “Ma and Pa” businesses that may be run by technically capable people, but which lack the depth to provide their customers with a full range of support, especially when the unexpected occurs. The following list from Automated Precision, Inc. (API) gives


Rapid Tool Performance Check – Ballbar by Automated Precision Inc.


Increase Manufacturing Efficiency with the telescoping Ballbar from Automated Precision Inc. (API) quickly and easily checks contouring accuracy by testing how machine axes move in a circular path. API’s Ballbar measures the deviation made by the machine tool and displays the data in a polar plot format. This one affordable piece of equipment can save


Portable CNC Rotary Calibration System – Swivelcheck by Automated Precision Inc.


The revolutionary Swivelcheck™ from Automated Precision Inc. (API) is a one-of-a-kind instrument used to measure rotary axes and tables in the CNC Calibration process. This instrument calibrates swivel axes and tilt tables on machine tool centers; evaluates vertical rotary axes and table performance; and measures horizontal tables and axes when used with API’s XD™ Laser.


Measuring all 6 Degrees of Freedom – XD Laser by Automated Precision Inc.


The award-winning XD Laser™ from Automated Precision Inc. (API) is a multi-dimensional laser measurement system that simultaneously measures linear, angular, straightness and roll errors for rapid machine tool error assessment. The XD Laser is available in 1, 3, 5, and 6 Degree of Freedom configurations. The 6 dimensional XD Laser is the only laser measurement