API Radian – Metrologic: Innovations at Control 2016

CONTROL 2016 in Stuggart, Germany was a great success! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Automated Precision. Check out Metrologic’s annual Innovation video! And if you would like to know more of the shows we’ll be at this year, see our schedule here.


Cerritos College Students Inspect Parts Using API Laser Tracker

Ayaz Patel, aerospace machinist, being instructed by Curtis Husted, tooling metrology specialist and part-time instructor at Cerritos College.

Curtis Husted, a coordinate metrology instructor at Cerritos College in California, teaches his class using an API Omnitrac 2 laser tracker from Automated Precision Incorporated. The OT2 laser tracker from API was obtained from enhancement funds provided by the chancellor’s office of the California community colleges. Husted’s MTT168 students use the laser tracker on aerospace parts to


We’re Going to be at Power-Gen

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The capital city of New Delhi reflect a true showcase of the ancient and modern India. It features rich architecture, historical monuments, majestic building, museums, gardens, and cultural extravaganza on one hand; and tall skyscrapers, diplomatic enclaves and well-planned townships on the other. New Delhi is host to numerous offices and headquarters of leading government


5 Reasons to calibrate your Machine Tool


What is Machine Tool Calibration?  Machine Tool Calibration is the process of measuring, diagnosing and correcting the manufacturing error within your Machine Tool or CNC machine. Most large machine tools come directly from the manufacturer with a set of tolerances. (Your machine will be within this specification). Over time, the error of your machine will increase as  it manufactures parts


5 Benefits of using Laser Tracker for Quality Inspection

3D Tracker Systems

What is a laser tracker?  In today’s day and age, many industries – including the aerospace and automotive industries, have increasing standards in which their products must come within tolerance. Laser tracker’s have become the alternative 3D measurement solution to the traditional Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) in the measurement of large objects. The benefits made possible


Measurement Applications in Nuclear Industry


Nuclear Industry Expertise with API • Integrated metrology solutions for precision fit-up of replacement piping and associated components • Pipe soft templating – primary and secondary side • Interference/ load path analysis • High point vent inspection • Schedule optimization • Large component replacement • Containment scanning and modeling • Turbine alignment • Reactor coolant pump inspection


IntelliComp Software by API


API IntelliComp Software enables native Swivel and XD Laser files to be converted to your proprietary controller compensation format. Our IntelliComp Software greatly reduces the time it takes to execute data and create usable compensation files. It is an extremely valuable tool for a low investment. Remove 7 steps from your data conversion process Click here to download API