The API tracker’s flexible range can take in an entire railcar from close-up

Laser Tracker Calibration

Laser measurement technology in wagon construction Railcar manufacturer Waggonbau Niesky evaluated several trackers. They chose API for its angular range of +/-320 degrees horizontally and +80 to -60 degrees vertically, as well as API’s attractive package of equipment, automation training and support. As part of a new project, DB Waggonbau Niesky GmbH has purchased a


Never too cold for the API tracker

v-probe application 3

Steel Production (Flat Iron): Rollers alignment with the Laser Tracker One of the world’s largest steel producers in the world uses the API tracker outdoors, mounted on a crane in all weather. The API tracker’s wide operating temperature range of 14 to 113 degrees ensures that it can work, and make temperature compensation adjustments, after


API Tracker measures a 55-meter rail mount to within 0.05 mm


MCE Equipment Technology in Steel Manufacturing : Using a Laser Tracker for Aircraft Construction In addition to the tracker’s exceptional accuracy, users at steel structure supplier MCE appreciated the its portability. MCE technicians took their tracker to customer sites as luggage, not freight. This saves valuable time in shipping and avoids hold ups in customs.


API’s solution for contract Manufacturer Kinkele


The combination of the tracker and XD allow Kinkele to have API take data throughout at any point in the part cycle, from the machine to the finished product. And because it is always doing something new or rare, Kinkele relies on API expertise to help it accomplish the most unique measurement tasks. The ability