Omnitrac 2 Wireless Laser Tracker: Fast Tracking & Autolock

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Autolock and ultra-fast tracking, demonstrated with API’s new Wireless Laser Tracker – Omnitrac 2 In a test environment with many obstacles will be shown in a short video clip as the wireless and extremely portable laser tracker from Automated Precision Inc. follows the operator without delay, even if the line of sight (laser beam) is


Automated Precision IntelliProbe 360 and Axxis Measurement Arm


Automated Precision Incorporated, is a world leader in offering advanced metrology solutions for industry. API’s products are installed and used by the worlds leading automotive, aerospace, machine tool, and CMM manufacturers. The new IntelliProbe 360 and IntelliScan 360 are breakthrough accessories for APIs Laser Tracker3, the industry standard laser tracking system. Laser Tracker3 is specially


API Laser Tracker, Active Target, and SmartTrack Sensor


APIs Tracker3™ sets a new standard for ease of use, portability, range, and accuracy in large-scale metrology. For any job, large or small the extremely lightweight and portable Tracker3™ is the perfect fit. Measure tooling, fixtures, and jigs.Error map machine tools and robots. Align machines, gear trains, rollers, and transfer lines. Reverse engineer parts. Inspect


Linear Displacement corrected with API’s XD Laser

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API Services uses the award-winning XD Laser from Automated Precision Inc. The XD Laser is a multi-dimensional laser measurement system that simultaneously measures linear, angular, straightness and roll errors for rapid machine tool error assessment. A complete measurement of a 1 meter volume machine is accomplished in 3 to 4 hours instead of 3 days!


Krocranes uses Radian Laser Tracker to Calibrate their machine

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Konecranes Machine Tool Service recently invested approximately $300,000 in machine tool metrology equipment from Automated Precision Incorperated (API). The new API Radian laser tracker and four new 6-D laser systems enable Konecranes Machine Tool Service to capture multiple data points that are required to correct for positioning and geometry errors in just one setup. The