5 Benefits of using Laser Tracker for Quality Inspection

What is a laser tracker? 

In today’s day and age, many industries – including the aerospace and automotive industries, have increasing standards in which their products must come within tolerance. Laser tracker’s have become the alternative 3D measurement solution to the traditional Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) in the measurement of large objects. The benefits made possible by laser trackers not only improve methods of coordinate measurement but also new manufacturing methods.

How can it improve my quality inspection?

  1. Portability – Unlike a traditional CMM, a laser tracker can be brought directly to the part because it is small and lightweight. Automated Precision’s Omnitrac 2 laser tracker is one of the smallest ADM laser trackers available. Battery operated and completely wireless, it makes it easy to take measurements in any environment
  2. Mounting Versatility – Laser trackers can be mounted sideways, upside down, or directly on the part being measured. This gives the user optimum measurement versatility in confined spaces.
  3. Easy Operation – Since laser trackers run with a computer it can actually be managed with just one person. However, in most instances it is much more time efficient to have a two man crew for laser tracker projects – even with a two man crew it is still more cost effective than traditional metrology measuring tools!
  4. Continuous Measurement – The laser tracker can measure points continuously. Meaning, data can be gathered on critical areas like thermal growth, thermal shrinkage, during adjustments, and the laser tracker can track moving machinery safely without human interference.
  5. Highest Precision and Accuracy – No other method of measuring (outside of a lab) is more precise than a laser tracker. Optical measurement methods are often subject to human error and measurement variation between shots. The laser tracker has a real world tolerance of one thousandth of an inch!


Automated Precision has some of the most advanced Laser Tracker & laser tracker accessories on the market. Pick the tool to fit your measurement needs!



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