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The current training dates of API Academy in Heidelberg

We offer customized training not only in Heidelberg, but also demand locally. Application-oriented seminars and workshops are also available to the API Academy.
Details about the training program API Academy
Objective of the course Fundamentals machines and the monitoring is to provide a better understanding on machines whose geometries / kinematics and the possible errors occurring influences. Furthermore discusses basics of machine control, machine programming and control-related compensation.

In addition, the participant will learn methods for linear, rotary and volumetric machines compensating know. Recessed all this knowledge through short tests and practical exercises on machines, control and measurement systems.

Multidimensionales Messsystem zur gleichzeitigen Erfassung aller sechs Freiheitsgrade – der XD Laser von API

The next course:
Monday, June 20, 12:00 am – Friday, June 24, 12:00pm
2900 € per participant, drinks and lunch are included at the University

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