Galaxy D

The Galaxy D CMM is a high-performance, direct computer-controlled temperature-compensated horizontal arm coordinate measuring machine (CMM) built to inspect the accuracy of large objects and scan the surfaces of large contoured parts.

Multifunction CMM adds versatility

The Galaxy D CMM offers significant time savings through its single-setup versatility. It is easy to select the optimal machine settings and then easily switch between the Galaxy D’s functions, from non-contact scanning to using a tactile sensor.

Variety of Applications

The Galaxy D, equipped with suitable software and accessories, contributes as an excellent tool to support production engineering operations, as well as to improve die and mold design and manufacturing for large contoured parts, such as car bodies and subassemblies.

Other Highlights:

  • Available in single,double arm or in multi-arm configuration.
  • Motion of axis: X–axis high-accuracy linear guide way
  • Y and Z-axis on precision mechanical roller bearings
  • Pre-hardened, chrome plated machine ways deliver razor-sharp movements and long-term measuring accuracy
  • Renishaw high precision scales
  • Use of high-efficiency, low-inertia motor drives equipped with low-noise and wear transmission systems
  • A twin–wire anti-fall securing system for the Z-motion protects the operator and the workpiece
  • Thermal compensation & VEC compensation
  • Periodical recalibration with API’s XD-Laser

Multiple CMM mounting configurations

Runway Architecture – X beam onto the floor or foundation next to a table
Console Architecture – Side mounted column arm system with integral table
Table Architecture – Supports the measuring machine and the workpiece

A combination of Multi-Arms/Multi–Role,sliding on common X axis guideways is also possible. Large measuring envelope: 1 – 20 meters (X axis), 800 mm to 1400 mm (Y axis) and 800 to 3000 mm (Z axis).