Galaxy H

Compact. Efficient. Fast.

The Galaxy H Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is a manual-controlled horizontal arm measuring and layout machine built to perform common shop measurements and marking-out applications. This cost-effective solution is available in single, double or in multi-arm configurations.

Compatible Probing System

The Galaxy H is compatible with different models of probing heads from Renishaw. Its repeatable indexing for up to 168 different positions eliminates the need to re-qualify the stylus tip position after orientation.

Variety of Applications

The Galaxy H is commonly used in automobile and motor bike assembly, as well as to measure engineering machinery. It is also used in locomotive construction, foundry industries, and for the layout and measurements of castings (rough and finished). The Galaxy H Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) can be used in design and model making, and to verify models, dies and molds with respect to their CAD geometry.

Other Highlights:

  • Available in single,double arm or in multi-arm configuration.
  • Best accessibility to the work space, set up area
  • Major components made out of aluminium
  • X –axis high-accuracy linear guide way
  • Y and Z-axis on precision mechanical roller bearings
  • Magnetic linear encoders for high accuracy and reliability in harsh environments
  • A twin–wire anti-fall securing system for the Z-motion protects the operator and the workpiece
  • XYZ digital position readout
  • Multiple CMM mounting configurations

Additional features include:

Runway Architecture – X beam onto the floor or foundation next to a table
Console Architecture – Side mounted column arm system with integral table
Table Architecture – Supports the measuring machine and the workpiece

Large measuring envelope with a measuring range of X-axis from 3000mm (118.1 inches) up to 15000 mm (590.5 inches)