Galaxy Q

Optimal Configuration. Ultimate Convenience

The Galaxy Q is a high-performance, direct computer controlled, multi-function coordinate measuring machine (CMM). The Galaxy Q is built to inspect large objects and scan surfaces of large contoured parts as well as the milling of light materials. The Galaxy Q is versatile enough to handle milling, drilling, measuring and scanning all in one machine and one setup!

Freedom of Choice

The Galaxy Q’s integated light milling function turns it from a CMM machine into a milling machine that can create complex models on soft surfaces such as clay. The Galaxy Q is capable of milling precise, full-scale models, or 1/3, 1/4 and 1/8-scale designs.

Wide Measurement Envelope

The Galaxy Q has a measuring range of 1,000 to 20,000 mm (X axis), 800 to 1,400 mm (Y axis) and 800 to 3,000 mm (Z axis). The Galaxy Q is also available in a single or double arm configuration.

Other Highlights:

  • Double linear guide in the X-axis for constant rigidity over the entire path
  • Y-axis is driven through an anti-backlash pinion and rack
  • The main carriage, has a larger bearing spread which slides on the beam (X-axis ) and ensures together with a lower center of gravity, reduced vibrations during motion of the XZ housing along its guideways , and therefore a smoother, more precise operation
  • Three-points mounting system with a rigid machine bed
  • Magnetic linear encoders for high accuracy and reliability in harsh environments
  • Use of high efficiency, low inertia motor drives equiped with low noise and wear transmission systems
  • A twin–wire anti-fall securing system for the Z-motion protects the operator and the workpiece
  • In addition to 5 Axis milling and drilling operations, measuring operations can be carried out in the same setting
  • Multiple CMM mounting configurations