ROMI’s Relationship with API


Romi is a Brazilian company founded in 1930 by Américo Emílio Romi, in Santa Bárbara d’Oeste – SP – Brazil. Nowadays it is a reputed international company providing machine tools (specifically Turning Centers, CNC Turning Machines, Plastic Processing Machines and more) to a world wide customer basis.

The relationship of Romi and API actually goes back before API had their Latin American branch. Toward the end of the last century ROMI had already purchased an API product, the XD1 Laser Interferometer, to apply to their quality control (Computer Numeric Control) machine’s linear axis. The accuracy, precision and the fact that the XD1 could measure their machine axis on its own axis machine had made an impression on ROMI. In 2012, API started its office in Brazil, making the bond between API and ROMI even closer.

Untitled1ROMI has used other API equipment over the years beyond the XD1, such as the Swivelcheck (Portable Rotary Alignment System), and the XD Laser 5. ROMI has a quality control that needs to check the angular axes reading error of their newly developed CNC machines. ROMI, recognized by the quality of their products, could not sell machines without this angular axes check. Having compared the advantages and disadvantages of API’s products and the competitors’, ROMI sided with API due to the high precision, quick setup and data collection, and finally, the reliability of their partnership. According to Mateus Augusto Marinho, Industrial Processor in ROMI “The ROMI’s process improvement was very meaningful, because without the XD5 it would be impossible to certify the linear axis or the angular axis of our CNC’s machines.”

Nowadays, API’s equipment is essential to ROMI’s shipped CNC products. About fifty ROMI employees were trained to use API’s XD’s. This helped not only their final product but also helped the development department understand and improve their manufacturing process.

In the future ROMI plans to use API products and services (MTH) on their tree rotary axis machine. API Latin America team will always be ready to assist them in their pursuit of highest precision, productivity, efficiency and the quality.

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