Radian makes demands for wind turbine manufacturers possible

Wind Power manufacturer AH Industries chose an API tracker after customers’ specifications became too daunting to meet with their two point gauges, micrometers and brackets. AH selected the API Radian laser tracker for its measurement range of up to 120 meters and its accuracy even after position changes. Laser trackers gave AH the assurance that its measurements

Measurement Applications in Nuclear Industry

Nuclear Industry Expertise with API • Integrated metrology solutions for precision fit-up of replacement piping and associated components • Pipe soft templating – primary and secondary side • Interference/ load path analysis • High point vent inspection • Schedule optimization • Large component replacement • Containment scanning and modeling • Turbine alignment • Reactor coolant pump inspection

API Announces Nuclear Industry Partnerships

NEWPORT NEWS, VA August 31 – API Services, a subsidiary of metrology provider Automated Precision Inc. (API), announced this month that it has reached partnerships with two design and manufacturing leaders in the Nuclear and Energy industry. The partnerships are the result of ongoing growth in the nuclear industry and the need of nuclear plants

Radians’ Portability and Versatility Helps it Measure Nuclear Fusion Reactor

The Max Planck Institute in Germany is researching a revolutionary approach to energy generation: nuclear fusion. The plasma vessel where Max Planck will test its theories has a portal barely a foot wide. But the API Radian laser tracker can easily be mounted inside. Industrial measurement systems in basic research areas Very rarely is a research area

Turbine manufacturing with API Technology

Using nuclear-powered steam to turn turbines, Siemens needs the measurements of its blades as precise as possible to avoid losing steam energy. Siemens turned to the Omnitrac, with its weight of less than 20 pounds and its precision, to power its facility. API Omnitrac Laser Tracker at Siemens AG in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany