Measurement Applications in Nuclear Industry

Nuclear Industry Expertise with API • Integrated metrology solutions for precision fit-up of replacement piping and associated components • Pipe soft templating – primary and secondary side • Interference/ load path analysis • High point vent inspection • Schedule optimization • Large component replacement • Containment scanning and modeling • Turbine alignment • Reactor coolant pump inspection

Linear Displacement corrected with API’s XD Laser

API Services uses the award-winning XD Laser from Automated Precision Inc. The XD Laser is a multi-dimensional laser measurement system that simultaneously measures linear, angular, straightness and roll errors for rapid machine tool error assessment. A complete measurement of a 1 meter volume machine is accomplished in 3 to 4 hours instead of 3 days!

A Complete Machine Tool Inspection in Less than a Quarter of the Time!

Qier Machine Tool Group One of China’s biggest CNC machine manufacturers, Qier Machine Tool Group Co., used an API XD Laser to measure a milling-boring machine tools with an operating range of more than 100 m³. The entire inspection tool 6 hours, an 83% improvement over Qier’s usual inspection time. Improving Working Efficiency with Laser

Measuring 1,200 precision drilled holes in 1 hour (Lockheed Martin)

Aerospace has some of the strictest tolerances of any manufacturing industry. At Lockheed Martin Marietta, technicians use the IntelliProbe 360 to check the position of the thousands of drilled holes in bulkheads. The quality control team even uses API trackers to inspect the tooling used to work on the aircraft. It’s called Hercules – the

Omnitrac 2 Wireless Laser Tracker

Omnitrac 2. A new, wireless laser tracker from Automated Precision Inc (API). The Omnitrac 2 is more compact, lighter and rugged than other laser trackers. This makes it the ideal instrument for measurements indoors and outdoors and in harsh environments. The Omnitrac 2 has the functionality and affordability to be the tracker for people who

API Laser Tracker Used for a Rolling Mill Calibration

Handan Iron & Steel Group Used API’s Laser Tracker to Calibrate Their Rolling Mill Handan Iron & Steel Group (Han Steel) was established in 1958 in Handan city, Hebei province, China. With over 50 years of development, Han Steel has over 85.6 billion Yuan in total assets and 24,000 staffs. Hans Steel is capable of