Measurement Applications in Nuclear Industry

Nuclear Industry Expertise with API • Integrated metrology solutions for precision fit-up of replacement piping and associated components • Pipe soft templating – primary and secondary side • Interference/ load path analysis • High point vent inspection • Schedule optimization • Large component replacement • Containment scanning and modeling • Turbine alignment • Reactor coolant pump inspection

3D Laser Scanning Handgun for High Threat Concealment

Quick turnaround has rapidly become a staple in decision making when companies seek out service providers. A major downfall with this is the results may come back skewed or inaccurate. As a precision measurement service company, API constantly strives to provide the most cost and time efficient solutions for our customers. We put this to

3D Scanning American History and landmarks

America is abundant with historical sites and landmarks. Some well known and others that are not as mainstream, but each important in understanding and remembering the history of America. We certainly think one of the best ways to commemorate the journey to this point is 3D scanning American History and landmarks. The Sydney Opera House

Laser scanning a model 737 plane with the API Axxis Arm

API offers in house and on-site 3D laser scanning. We have the ability, utilizing a multitude of laser scanning instruments that best fit your application, to reverse engineer your part, mold, tooling gauge or model. Our API Axxis 7 arm equipped with a Kreon laser scanner easily jumps locations around this Boeing 737 model painting

The 1903 Wright Flyer Laser Modeled for the Smithsonian

The Wright brothers are credited with inventing and building the world’s first successful airplane. With that same pioneer spirit, the Smithsonian recently unveiled their X 3D Collection and state-of-the-art 3D explorer. As part of the X 3D Collection, the 1903 Wright Flyer was scanned using a laser, producing an accurate 3D model. By creating a

3D Scanning for Historic Preservation – How metrology works to save history

API and New River Kinematics teamed up this past month for a historic preservation project at St. Luke’s Church and Museum in Smithfield, VA. Together, they provided a full building 3D scan and collected point cloud data to keep record for the church and its ongoing restoration. Using metrology and 3D laser scanning in historic

Reverse Engineering a Hot Rod – for a Rock Star

In one scanning job earlier this month, API demonstrated its versatility and ease-of-use in collecting data for custom automotive parts, while also enjoying a brush with rock n’ roll fame. API project engineer Robb Rudluff scanned a ’33 Ford three-window coupe that has been chopped and customized by the world-famous So-Cal Speed Shop for ZZ