Our turbine specific measurement applications are primarily focused (but are not limited to) on gas and steam turbine alignment (bore alignment). Depending upon the amount of detail a typical, multi-station, turbine bore inspection can produce measurement results within 5 hours. From the initial setup to final data reporting our inspection process is proven to produce repeatable, accurate measurement results.

The gas and steam turbine bore inspection process combines the capabilities of a laser tracker with coordinate measurement software to record and analyze the measurement data. Once the inspection process is complete the raw measurement data is stored electronically for easy export, manipulation and future recall. Any horizontal and vertical measurement deviation from turbine centerline is easily visible via our custom designed charts and graphs. With respect to gas turbines, it’s often the case that a bearing will require a step shim to achieve a correct vertical position. With the measurement data electronically available we are able to import and calculate the correct step shim via our custom designed calculation templates. We’ve streamlined the entire turbine inspection process; from data acquisition to data analysis we provide same day inspection/same day results. Gas turbine and steam turbine alignment has never been easier.

Gas Turbine Alignment

  • Bore Alignment Inspection
    • Tops-On 2 bearing multiple station inspection
      • GE Frame 5
    • Tops-On 3 bearing multiple station inspection
      • GE Frame 7

Steam Turbine Alignment

  • Bore Alignment Inspection (Steam Path)
  • Tops-Off multiple station inspection
    • LP inspections
    • HP inspections
    • IP inspections
      • Bearings
      • Couplings
      • Main oil pump
      • Oil bores
      • Gland bore
      • Dummy rings
      • Nozzle chamber
      • Blade rings/diaphragm
  • Coupling Alignment
    • Eliminate rim and face checks with dial indicators
    • Not necessary to rotate shaft
  • Thermal Growth Inspection
    • Squat check/load check
  • Individual Component Inspection / Location & Re-Locations
    • Generator
    • Boiler feed pumps
    • Stator
    • Exciter