Laser scanning a model 737 plane with the API Axxis Arm

API offers in house and on-site 3D laser scanning. We have the ability, utilizing a multitude of laser scanning instruments that best fit your application, to reverse engineer your part, mold, tooling gauge or model.


Our API Axxis 7 arm equipped with a Kreon laser scanner easily jumps locations around this Boeing 737 model painting over 80,000 point clouds per second.Laser-Scanning-a-737-model
This point cloud data can be imported into various modeling software’s to create a polygonized mesh model. The mesh is then cleaned up and then fit into geometric entities. We now have an option to create an exact surface which is not perfect and contains curvatures and tangency within the surface. This follows the surface as close as possible. The other option is to make a true machinable surface which is a parametric surface that is a best fit surface to the scan data.

As the surfacing process is taking place we utilize deviation analysis to interrogate each surface to the scan data. This verifies the customers accuracy of the fit to the surface. The final product is a fitted and trimmed water tight model.


We’re excited to offer our highly accurate reverse engineering process, which minimizes error and the amount of time needed to complete an application, to you! If you have any questions please fill out this form. We’d love to discuss any new scanning opportunities with you and hear about any of your previous laser scanning efforts. Technology is getting better and better with each day and we want to help you stay at the top of your field!

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