Measurement Applications in Nuclear Industry

4-Energy_372x298Nuclear Industry Expertise with API

• Integrated metrology solutions for precision fit-up of replacement piping and associated components
• Pipe soft templating – primary and secondary side
• Interference/ load path analysis
• High point vent inspection
• Schedule optimization
• Large component replacement
• Containment scanning and modeling
• Turbine alignment
• Reactor coolant pump inspection

Our years of construction and nuclear industry expertise helps us understand the challenges of project cost, schedule and the immense cost of non-quality.  We have successfully worked with project teams to incorporate metrology solutions to reduce overall project cost and minimizing re-work.

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API is proud to offer reliable and innovative services in the dimensional measurement and high-value metrology solutions business. We are also aware that our employee’s hard work and dedication to API has molded our company’s success. We are proud of our years in the metrology industry and our years of nuclear industry experience.

  • Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS) Level l Portable 3D Metrologist Certification
  • 3D Metrology Applications
  • Process and Methodology
  • Level-l Radiation worker experience & training
  • Dynamic learning certification
Activities and Societies:
  • Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS)
  • American Society of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing (ASPRS)