What Can 6 Degrees of Freedom Do For You?

The SmartTRACK™ Sensor (STS) for the API Laser Tracker is a major breakthrough for large-scale metrology and 6DoF measurement and alignment applications. The STS enables users to determine the position (x, y, z) and angular orientation (pitch, yaw, roll) of a tracked point in realtime. Combined use of the laser tracker and STS reveals real-time position and orientation of a moving target like a robotic end-effector.


The STS can be utilized for a wide variety of projects, below are some the ways it can be used.

Machine Tool Calibration

Utilizing the STS and laser tracker, you can drastically decrease the inaccuracies of your Machine Tool. The two products can measure machine performance while active and display pitch, roll, & yaw data in real-time using our calibration software.


Robotic Calibration

The STS will reduce inaccuracies and provide performance data during Robot Calibration. It will ensure your equipment is accurately displaying and producing precise measurements and repeatability in manufacturing tasks.

Improve Robot Accuracy

You can reach a higher absolute positioning accuracy when calibrating a robot with a laser tracker and STS. These products combined will increase the accuracy of the robot since the position is calculated in real-time from the analysis of the robot software. 

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