Break-Resistant SMRs

API offers a full line of targeting solutions for laser tracking systems. API’s Spherically Mounted Retroreflectors (SMR) are manufactured to the highest possible quality and feature several advantages over traditional mirror mounted targets.

While other SMRs are constructed using a very sensitive alignment of fragile glass mirrors, API SMRs are manufactured to be much more robust without sacrificing accuracy. Considering the cost of replacing a single SMR that has been mishandled or damaged, a break resistant SMR from API will pay for itself the first time it is mishandled.

Furthermore, API’s Break Resistant SMRs can be used with any existing laser tracker regardless of make, model, or age. Whether it is an ADM or interferometer based system, a Break Resistant SMR from API can improve the durability and accuracy of your measurement process.

API offers two types of Break Resistant SMRs: “Prismatic” (solid glass prism corner cube) and “Hollow” (hollow aluminum optic with golden reflective surfaces).

All API Break Resistant SMRs Feature:

  • Solid construction which gives durability without losing accuracy
  • NIST traceable certificate of conformity
  • Compatibility with any laser tracking system

Sphere roundness (All API SMRs) : Grade 50 ±0.00005 inch (±1.3µm)

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