Machine Verification, Calibration, & Compensation

VeriComp software is the all in-one solution to ensure your machine tools are performing to the highest quality standards and accuracy. VeriComp allows users to gather and generate performance data on their machine. It provides essential data for monitoring machine performance which include:

  • Setup of measurement device
  • Project and measurement information
  • Generation of machine move G code collection, general or specific
  • Analysis of measurement data to international standards
  • Storage of compensation data that enables assessment of machine performance
  • Comparison to older archived data throughout its working life for:
    machine trending, accuracy, repeatability, capability and degradation.


VeriComp along with an API XD Laser Tracker or Radian Laser Tracker can quantify your machines performance to determine axial errors geometric errors and deficiencies of new and used machine tools and compensate them both axially and volumetrically.

API is the only company who can offer both small, medium and large volume measurement capability, from mm to Meters with market leading equipment.

Using VeriComp software, with the laser tracker API , assists in the construction and assembly of larger machines.  Its capabilities include general geometric measurement as well as machine capability measurements.

Machine Capability

This system can detect CNC errors that include position, angular errors, roll, pitch and yaw, vertical and horizontal straightness and squareness. To give manufacturers the ability to understand their process capability.

The measurements are assessed to international machine acceptance test standards, including ASME, ISO 230 VDI, JIS etc.

Features include the path program code for the CNC machine routine, and compensation tables both simple for linear displacement and complex for volumetric compensation

State of the Art Analysis

Based on the laser measurement data, the VeriComp Software determines and analyses the current condition of the machine tool.

Volumetric Analysis

VeriComp is able to supply the latest CNC machine controllers with the data to calculate volumetric uncertainty. Based on the most modern analysis, VeriComp software not only calculates positional accuracy tables but is able to calculate the elements vital for the volumetric accuracy of a multiple axis machine considering its positional, translatory, and rotational deviations of a 3 axis machine, including squareness errors for 21 errors. VeriComp is also able to include 4, 5 and 6 axis machines.

Volumetric Correction

VeriComp has the possibility to collate data that can be used to calculate the compensation tables to correct the CNC control system. The corrected CNC control system can be utilized to analyze and correct the machine and the extensive range of CNC controllers.


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