Volumetric Error Compensation from API

Volumetric Error Compensation

API can provide its revolutionary volumetric error compensation and related technologies as a service for machine owners. VEC is capable of real-time error compensation, significantly improving the accuracy of three, four, five or six axis machines. API service engineers can perform compensations on several Siemens, Fanuc and Fagor controllers as well.

Increase Manufacturing Efficiency

VEC™ (Volumetric Error Compensation) from Automated Precision Inc. (API) is an award-winning large machine tool calibration system which improves tool accuracy up to tenfold, and reduces calibration downtime from a few days to a few hours. With just one simple setup, VEC™ provides six degrees of freedom error mapping for the machine’s entire working volume, regardless of the number of axes or machine complexity.

Better Design Equals Better Measurement

Older compensation technology considers each machine axis separately, stacking errors from three or more individual coordinate systems. This limits the mapping of errors to three linear axes and 21 error parameters which has proven very challenging for large five- and six-axis machine tools. Volumetric Error Compensation uses a unique, global, free-form error model to allow error mapping of every point with its six degrees of freedom in the machine’s entire working volume, regardless of the number of axes or machine complexity.

Siemens Volumetric Compensation System – VCS

  • API Services is a Solutions Partner for Siemens providing the Volumetric Compensation System – VCS system to owners/operators of 3 – 5 Axis Machine Tools utilizing the Siemens 840D Control.
  • Fanuc Volumetric :API services offer complete volumetric compensation for Fanuc Controls.
  • Fagor Volumetric:API services offer complete volumetric compensation for Fagor Controls.
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Machine Tool Calibration, Installation, and Alignment

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