Measuring 1,200 precision drilled holes in 1 hour (Lockheed Martin)

Aerospace has some of the strictest tolerances of any manufacturing industry. At Lockheed Martin Marietta, technicians use the IntelliProbe 360 to check the position of the thousands of drilled holes in bulkheads. The quality control team even uses API trackers to inspect the tooling used to work on the aircraft. It’s called Hercules – the

A Compact Tracker with Unrestricted Portability

Pilatus, one of Europe’s oldest aircraft manufacturers, chose the API Tracker 3 for its tooling and quality control. The tracker’s portability and ability to compare connect with Pilatus’s CAD system. The single laser tracker helped check the soundness of more than 100 planes in one year. Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG, founded in 1939, is the leading

Taking the Laser Tracker on Tour to Customer Sites (Eurocopter)

European aircraft manufacturer Eurocopter uses a Tracker 3, which provides the efficiency and portability necessary to take it to customer ites for tooling and service work. The tracker 3 provides much greater accuracy and speed than the gauges the technicians were using previously. Eurocopter, manufacturer of the world’s largest fleet of civil and military helicopters,

API’s solution for contract Manufacturer Kinkele

The combination of the tracker and XD allow Kinkele to have API take data throughout at any point in the part cycle, from the machine to the finished product. And because it is always doing something new or rare, Kinkele relies on API expertise to help it accomplish the most unique measurement tasks. The ability