Reverse Engineering a Hot Rod – for a Rock Star

billy-gibbons-2-web-300x300In one scanning job earlier this month, API demonstrated its versatility and ease-of-use in collecting data for custom automotive parts, while also enjoying a brush with rock n’ roll fame.

API project engineer Robb Rudluff scanned a ’33 Ford three-window coupe that has been chopped and customized by the world-famous So-Cal Speed Shop for ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons. One of the car’s many features is a jagged accent line that runs from front to back. The line is currently painted on, but So-Cal designers planned to make a 3D piece. To do that, Rudluff scanned the vehicle with an API IMAGER Scanner and Radian Laser Tracker.

The data collected by the IMAGER was processed though 3D Systems software to create a CAD file that showed the curvature of the car and the exact shape of the trim design. This will allow the So-Cal designers to easily fabricate the 3D trim piece they need.

The car model was shared with Billy Gibbons at the newly opened SEMA Garage – Industry Innovations Center in Southern California. When the car is complete, it will be on display at the 2014 SEMA Show, taking place from November 4-7 in Las Vegas.

“The IMAGER working with the Radian made scanning the car a quick and easy process,” Rudluff said. “For custom autos, it can be a handy reverse engineering solution that can help pros and hobbyists easily mock up parts.”
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