What is Metrology? Find out and celebrate World Metrology Day.

What is metrology? Don’t get it confused with meteorology, it’s not all about the weather. Metrology is the scientific study of measurement. We’re always wanting to help the world understand metrology services and all the services offered in our industry. If you’re in the metrology industry you probably get a lot of very confused looks when you try to explain to people what a laser tracker is and how it can be very important to things they use in their everyday lives. It’s one of the things you just don’t often think about. We want to change that! This year the theme for World Metrology Day is “Metrology for Safety”. That’s an exciting topic when you can bring up an example of how the aerospace industry uses metrology services and how precise measurements are important for everyone’s safety.

Here are some examples of everyday metrology services in the aerospace industry:

  • Verify tooling that is used to mass produce parts
  • Jet engine turbine blade inspection
  • Small and large scale part inspection
  • Checking the geometry of an aircraft wing

These are all things that help keep you in the air – very important!



So, we were even more excited when we found out Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference (CMSC) is celebrating World Metrology Week from Monday, May 14 to Sunday, May 20 and partnering with Quality Digest to feature metrology services articles and applications, fun quizzes, and prize giveaways.

Here’s to a great week and the spreading of metrology knowledge!